Here are the seven plot points of this blog.

  • Notes to self. I’m an amateur writer, so I am writing here to convince myself to keep going. It’s advice to myself about writing.
  • Practicing. Even when I write, “Five Keys to Accomplishing Something!”, I’m practicing to know what I’m talking about, because I really don’t.
  • Dealing With ASD (Author-Self-Doubt). If you ever feel like I’m trying to be super lofty and act like I know what I’m doing, take that as a hint that I’m having to pretend a little too hard that day. I’m overcompensating out of insecurity.
  • Community. I write here in this public way because I’ve found that one of the biggest motivators for me in writing is to stay in community with others. I love to go to meetings, etc. but there is something really great about this format for sharing because I’m a flaming introvert.
  • Personality Science. If you’re into the Meyer’s Briggs personality types, I am an INFP. Since taking the test, there has never been a question about my INFP-ness. If you aren’t into the MBTI yet, you can take the test here. 😉 I recommend it, because prior to knowing these things about myself, I was pretty much fighting all of my natural awesomeness in an effort to be a more “responsible” human. Now, I’m awesome and responsible…just not always at a predictable time or in a predictable fashion. For instance, if you’re at my house, I will feed you three solid meals. But it might be at 10:00, 3:00, and 5:00 with a large snack around midnight. Or, all the meals might be served like British tea with homemade scones and fresh cow’s cream. [Whether I speak in a British accent throughout those meals is not disclosed to the public at this time.]