The Secret Sauce Behind My Writing

My nieces and nephews are the “why” for my writing. I currently have fifteen of these hilarious, creative geniuses, and every single one of them has the ultimate power to inspire or change my mind about my work.

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I didn’t know this in the very beginning of my writing endeavors, but I’ve learned some things about detecting a true core drive that made it clear.

  1. Your “why” makes you cry. This is a slight moo point (a cow’s opinion) because I can find more reasons to cry than not to, but it still counts, because everything I’m saying here does indeed make me cry.
  2. Your “why” keeps you going when you can’t see past the next step. When I have no clue how to get from here to …anywhere, I think about that day when I’ll hand my oldest nephew a book that has his name in the dedication. Even if he is a little old for it by then and has to humor me, that picture brings tears to my eyes and fires up my resolve.
  3. Your “why” perseveres when there is no gain involved, because the why is the gain. I have plans to make sure what I do is profitable, sure, that’s just being smart. But what keeps me going is something that starts with these 15 kids who are the light of my life, and then expands to hold every child and their unique creativity in my heart. It makes me dream bigger, and that’s the final thing,
  4. Your why will never pose a limited future. The dream is ever expansive, it can fill in any amount of time and space, it can grow infinitely.

My personal belief is that kids enjoy creating and can be shaped and changed by seeing their own stories come to life, but that we live in world with invisible rules that tell them it’s nothing but a cute and childish effort.

Not all children crave responsibility, I get that, but I was one of the kids that did. I wanted permission to take myself seriously, to grow up, to make something of myself. I got a lot of that permission, but many kids don’t.

I want kids to learn that they are capable of creating, working together, and finding what they’re passionate about and willing to work hard at before they’re old enough to graduate.

I want to see college student depression and suicide changed by creativity that prepares young people for life on their own, because they’ve dreamed, imagined, planned, asked for help, failed, and tried again. They’ve found a deep inner well of strength and expression that teaches them not to be afraid of their insecurities or whatever lurks inside their own mind.

These are things that writing can instill. It’s not a gift for people with a biological predisposition that makes them better at it, it’s a gift for mankind. It’s a powerful tool for expression, and a way to explore both putting your head down to use your own mental, emotional, and spiritual power as well as learning how to co-create with others.

I keep going because I want to put creative books into the hands of children all over the world, and then to hold out my hand and ask,

“Now, what do you have to say?”

My niece and pen partner.


What is the why that keeps you going in your dream?


Much love,


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